Li Bai Poem: Seeing Meng Haoran off at Yellow Crane Tower – 李白《黄鹤楼送孟浩然之广陵》








[1] 黄鹤楼:旧址在今湖北省武汉市蛇山黄鹤矶上,是古代游览胜地。

[2] 广陵:今江苏省扬州市。

[3] 故人:指孟浩然。

[4] 西辞:因黄鹤楼在广陵之西,孟浩然由西去东,所以说“西辞”。

[5] 烟花:指春天鲜花盛开,迷蒙、绚烂的景色。

[6] 下:顺流东下。

Seeing Meng Haoran off at Yellow Crane Tower

Li Bai

My friend has left the west where the Yellow Crane towers

For River Town green with willows and red with flowers.

His lessening sail is lost in the boundless blue sky,

Where I see but the endless River rolling by.

Meng leaves for the most beautiful town at the most beautiful time of the year.


The poem “Seeing Meng Haoran off at Yellow Crane Tower” is a poem written by Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty. The first line points out the place of farewell: Huanghelou, a famous place of the generation; the second line describes the time and direction of farewell: the spring color of March and Yangzhou in the southeast; the third and fourth lines describe the scene of farewell: seeing the lonely sail go away, leaving only a river of spring water. The poem is a poem about farewell, with the gorgeous spring colors of the fireworks and the vast Yangtze River as the background, and it paints a poet’s farewell painting with an open mood, incessant love, bright colors and elegant style. Although the poem is a piece of farewell, it is written in an ethereal and agile way, with deep emotion but not stagnation, eternal meaning but not sadness, beautiful rhetoric but not floating, and distant rhyme but not false.

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