Du Fu Poem: Thinking of Li Bai on a Spring Day – 杜甫《春日忆李白》












[1] 庚开府:庚信,南北朝著名诗人。因其曾在北周为骠骑大将军、开府仪同三司,故称庚开府。

[2] 鲍参军:鲍照,刘宋时曾为荆州前军参军。也是南北朝著名诗人。

[3] 渭北:渭水北岸,借指长安一带,当时杜甫也在此地。

[4] 江东:指今江苏省南部和浙江省北部一带。

[5] 论文:论诗。六朝以来,通称诗为文。

Thinking of Li Bai on a Spring Day

Du Fu

Li Bai is unrivalled in verse;

He towers in the universe.

Fresher than Yu on northern shore;

Brighter than Bao, poet of yore.

I long for him as longing tree;

At sunset will he think of me?

When may we drink a cup of wine

And talk about prose and verse fine?

Du Fu in the north thinks of Li Bai in the south and compares him to two poets of yore.


The poem “Thinking of Li Bai on a Spring Day” is a poem by Du Fu, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty. This poem expresses the author’s praise and nostalgia for Li Bai. The poem is sincere and straightforward, and the nostalgia is poured out from the cup. While expressing his nostalgia, the poet highly appreciates the important status and outstanding style of Li Bai’s poetry, so this poem is, in a way, a piece of poetry appreciation. The poem is also a poetry appreciation piece. Among them, the famous line “Fresh Yu Kaifu, handsome Bao Senjun” has been passed down for thousands of years.

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