Shi Jianwu Poem: Song of My Youngest Daughter – 施肩吾《幼女词》








[1] 幼女:小女儿。

[2] 向夜:指傍晚。

[3] 新月:农历每个月初的月亮。这里指七月初七的月亮。

Song of My Youngest Daughter

Shi Jianwu

My youngest daughter’s six years old;

She cannot tell clumsy from clever.

At night on crossing the threshold,

She prays the moon to shine forever.

This quatrain describes the fond hope of the poet’s six-year-old daughter.


The poem “Song of My Youngest Daughter” is a five-line poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet Shi Shoulderwu. The first two lines of the poem focus on the girl’s youthful ignorance, while the second two lines are about the little girl solemnly worshipping the new moon in front of the hall like an adult, which makes the image of a funny, innocent and lovely “little adult” appear on the paper. The poem is short in form and concise in language, but vivid in sentiment and deep in compassion, portraying the poet’s boundless fatherly love for his young daughter.

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