Han Yu Poem: Spring Snow – 韩愈《春雪》







Spring Snow

Han Yu

On vernal day no flowers were in bloom, alas!

In second moon I’m glad to see the budding grass.

But white snow dislikes the late coming vernal breeze,

It plays the parting flowers flying through the trees.

Spring snow is compared to flying flowers in this quatrain.


Spring Snow” is a seven-line poem written by Han Yu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem has a novel idea and a wonderful association. The first line is about people’s anxiousness in the long winter waiting for the spring color. The word “all” reveals this anxious mood. In the second line, the word “astonishment” is the most interesting, as it describes the novelty, surprise and joy of the people when they finally see the sprouting of “spring colors” in the midst of anxious expectation, which is very evocative. The verses express the feeling that although spring is late in coming, it is coming after all. In the third and fourth lines, it seems to say that there is snow but no flowers, but in reality, it means that the snow can’t wait any longer than human beings, and the trees are pierced with flying flowers for spring color. This is actually the poet’s expectation of spring, and when there is no spring color in the natural world, a piece of spring color is conjured up, which is rich in strong romanticism.

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