Du Fu Poem: Spring View – 杜甫《春望》












[1] 国破:指国都长安被叛军占领。

[2] 烽火:战火。

[3] 抵:值。

[4] 浑:简直。

[5] 不胜簪:不能别上发簪。

Spring View

Du Fu

On war-torn land streams flow and mountains stand;

In vernal town grass and weeds are overgrown.

Grieved over the years, flowers make us shed tears;

Hating to part, hearing birds breaks our heart.

The beacon fire has gone higher and higher;

Words from household are worth their weight in gold.

I cannot bear to scratch my grizzled hair;

It grows too thin to hold a light hairpin.

This poem with inner rhymes shows the poet’s love of his country and his family.


“Spring View” is a poem by Du Fu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The first four lines of the poem are about the miserable and decaying scene of Chang’an in spring, full of emotions about the rise and fall of the country; the second four lines are about the poet’s longing for his loved ones and his concern for the affairs of his country, overflowing with bitter and sad thoughts. The poem is meticulously composed, with the jaw lines “The flowers splash tears when feeling the time” to respond to the sigh of the country’s ruin in the first line, and the neck lines “The birds are frightened by parting” to respond to the worries of the family in the neck line, while the last line emphasizes the depth of the worries, leading to the white and thinning hair. The poet’s love for his country is fully expressed.

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