Su Dongpo: Colorful River Landscape

Colorful River Landscape

满 江 红
东 武 南 城
新 堤 就,邞 淇 初 溢。
微 雨 过,长 林 翠 阜
卧 红 堆 碧。
枝 上 残 花 吹 尽 也
与 君 试 向 江 头 觅。
问 向 前 犹 有 几
多 春, 三 之 一。
官 里 事,何 时 华。
风 雨 外,无 多 日。
相 将 泛 曲 水
满 城 争 出。
君 不 见 兰 亭 修 禊 事
当 时 座 上 皆 豪 逸。
到 如 今,修 竹 满
山 阳,空 陈 迹!
Man Jiang Hong

Dong wu nan cheng
Xin di jiu, fu qi chu yi.
Wei you guo, chang lin cui fu
Wo hong dui bi.
Zhi shang can hua chui jin ye
Yu jun shi xiang jiang tou mi.
Wen xiang qian you you ji
Duo chun, san zhi yi.

Guan li shi, he shi hua.
Feng you wai, wu duo ri.
Xiang jiang fan qu shui
Man cheng zheng chu.

Jun bu jian lan ting xiu xi shi,
Dang shi zuo shang jie hao yi.
Dao ru jin, xiu zhu man
Shan yang, kong chen ji !


Colorful River Landscape

Dongwu south of the city wall
New embankments and dykes for the Fuqi River make the river waters rise.
Light rains arrive, forest abundant with emerald greens
Colorful wildflowers, bushes a bluish-green.

On the branches, leftover flowers blow away
To find more, go upstream to the river headwaters.
Question for the future, how much more of spring will we have
Only one third is left.

Being inside government official duties, at what season will this end
Wind and rain, very little sun at my job.
Maybe all of us can float on this crooked river
Go up and over the embankments to escape the city.

Can you imagine going to the Lan Ting
Let’s make a plan.
Then we could all sit around in leisure and share our extraordinary gifts
But like today I only have mountains filled with cultivated bamboo
Empty of things from the past!



Lan Ting:  Famous gathering of 42 literati in the year 353 AD. A time for drinking wine games, discussing the philosophy of Zhuangzi, and the calligraphy of Wang Xizhi, among many others.

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