Su Dongpo: Dengzhou, Ocean City

Dengzhou, Ocean City

登 州 海 市
东 方 云 海 空 复 空
群 仙 出 没 空 明 中。
荡 摇 浮 世 生 万 象
岂 有 贝 阙 藏 珠 宫。
心 知 所 见 皆 幻 影
敢 以 耳 目 烦 神 工。
岁 寒 水 冷 天 地 闭
为 我 起 垫 鞭 鱼 龙。
重 楼 翠 阜 出 霜 晓
异 事 惊 倒 百 岁 翁。
人 间 所 得 客 力 取
世 外 无 物 谁 为 雄。
率 然 有 请 不 我 拒
信 我 人 厄 非 天 穷。
湖 阳 太 守 南 迁 归
喜 见 石 廪 堆 祝 融。
自 言 正 真 动 山 鬼
岂 知 造 物 哀 龙 钟。
伸 眉 一 笑 岂 易 得
神 之 报 汝 亦 已 丰。
斜 阳 万 里 孤 鸟 没
但 见 碧 海 磨 青 铜。
新 诗 绮 语 亦 安 用
相 与 变 灭 随 东 风。
Deng Zhou Hai Shi

Dong fang yun hai kong fu kong
Qun xian chu mei kong miong zhong.
Dang yao fu shi sheng wan xiang
Qi you bei que cang zhu gong.

Xin zhi suo jian jie huan ying
Gan yi er mu fan shen gong.
Sui han shui leng tian ye bi
Wei wo qi dian bian yu long.

Chong lou cui fu chu shuang xiao.
Yi shi jing dao bai sui weng.
Ren wen suo de ke li qu
Shi wai wu wu shei wei xiong.

Shuai ran you qing bu wo ju
Xin wo ren e fei tian qiong.
Hu yang tai shou nan qian gui
Xi jian shi lin dui zhu rong.

Zi yan zheng zhen dong shan gui
Qi zhi zao wu ai long zhong.
Shen mei yi xiao qi yi de
Shen zhi bao ru yi yi feng.

Xie yang wan li gu niao mei
Dan jian bi hai mo qing tong.
Xin shi qi you yi an yong
Xiang yu bian mie sui dong feng.


Dengzhou, Ocean City

Eastern clouds over the ocean layer upon layer
Group of immortals go beyond the sky, do not need a palace.
Vast and far away, floating above the world with numerous forms and images
Do not have cowrie shell temple gate carvings.

In my heart-mind I know all of them are imaginary
Certain my eyes and ears have experienced what it is like in the world of immortals.
This time of year has frozen water, dormant and cold sky and earth
When I arise, dragons and fish have been spurred on.

Multi-layered towers, emerald green earth in a frosty dawn
Even very old people startled and amazed with these things.
How many human things and places can one keep track of
Who wields the influence for things outside life and society.

I have not been refused my wishes and hopes
I trust the hard work of people and not of those in heaven.
Bu like Han Yu I am given a sign by being transferred to a higher position
Happy to see the array of stone peaks below.

Maybe the mountain spirits are going easy on me because of my age and situation
They feel sorry for this old man.
Today I have stretched eyebrows and a big smile
The energies have been very good to me

Slanting sun, thousands of miles, a landscape with only a solitary bird
The ocean a bluish-green like worn-smooth bronze.
A new exquisite poem unable to prolong this experience
They and I dissipate and disappear with the east wind.



Dengzhou: City located in Henan Province.

Han Yu: (768-824): Famous Tang Dynasty poet, writer, and statesman.  Some of his work and biography can also be found on this website.

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