Su Dongpo: Go Out Hunting in Mizhou: (River City)

Go Out Hunting in Mizhou: (River City)

江 城 子: 密 州 出 猎
老 夫 聊 发 少 年 狂
左 牵 黄 右 擎 苍 。
锦 帽 貂 裘
千 骑 卷 平 冈。
为 把 倾 城 随 太 守
亲 射 虎 看 孙 郎。
酒 酣 胸 胆 尚 开 张
鬓 微 霜 又 何 妨。
持 节 云 中
何 日 遣 冯 唐?
会 挽 雕 弓 如 满 月
西 北 望 射 天 狼。
Mi Zhou Chu Lie: (Jiang Cheng Zi)

Lao fu liao fa shao nian kuang
Zuo qian huang, you qing cang.
Jin mao diao qiu
Qian qi juan ping gang.
Wei ba qing cheng sui tai shou
Qin she hu kan sun lang.

Jiu han xiong dan shang kai zhang
Bin wei shuang you he fang.
Chi jie yun zhong
He ri qian ping tang ?
Hui wan diao gong ru man yue
Xi bei wang she tian lang.


Go Out Hunting in Mizhou: (River City)

Before I get too cold, do some wild and crazy things as in my youth
In my left hand a local dog, right hand perches a falcon.
Wearing a brocade hat and sable coat
A thousand riders and horses roll over hills and valleys.
Pouring out of the city gate, they follow their mayor
Like Sun Lang, I want to shoot a tiger.

Merrily drink wine, mind-heart full of courage and pride
Although my hair turning white, this causes no harm.
Imperial decree coming from clouds on high
What day will I receive it like Feng Tang.
I will pull the carved bow into the shape of a full moon
Send me to the northwest to fight those under the wolf constellation.



Mizhou: Located in southeast Shandong Province.

Sun Lang: Son of a warlord during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220)

Feng Tang: He was sent out to fight the Mongols, gained honor with an imperial decree.

Wolf constellation: Located in the eastern sky, symbolized and known as the “Azure Dragon of the East”.

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