Tao Yuanming: Candle Days

Candle Days

蜡 日
风 雪 送 馀 运
无 妨 时 已 和。
梅 柳 夹 门 植
一 条 有 佳 花。
我 唱 尔 言 得
酒 中 适 何 多!
未 能 明 多 少
章 山 有 奇 歌!
La Ri

Feng xue song yu yun
Wu fang shi yi he.
Mei liu jia men zhi
Yi tiao you jia hua.

Wo chang er yan de
Jiu zhong shi he duo !
Wei neng ming duo shao
Zhang shan you qi ge !


Candle Days

Wind and snow send off what remains from last year
This time and place now sees the beginning of the milder weather.
Chinese plum blossoms and willow limbs grow double-layered at my door
Chinese catalpa branches have beautiful flowers.

I sing for your pleasure and appreciation
At ease, drinking and enjoying wine!
Not able to tell how many insights revealed
Like extraordinary songs from range after range of the Lu Mountains!



Lu mountains:  Steep and cloud-hidden peaks in northern Jiangxi Province.

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