Tao Yuanming: Imitate the Ancients: Nine Poems: No. 1

Imitate the Ancients: Nine Poems: No. 1

荣 荣 窗 下 兰
密 密 堂 前 柳。
初 与 君 别 时
不 谓 行 当 久。
出 门 万 里 客
中 道 逢 嘉 友。
未 言 心 相 醉
不 在 接 杯 酒。
兰 枯 柳 亦 衰
遂 令 此 言 负。
多 谢 诸 少 年
相 知 不 忠 厚。
意 气 倾 人 命
离 隔 复 何 有。


Ni Gu: Jiu Shou


Rong rong chuang xia lan
Mi mi tang qian liu.
Chu yu jun bie shi
Bu wei xing dang jiu.

Chu men wan li ke
Zhong dao feng jia you.
Wei yan xin xiang zui
Bu zai jie bei jiu.

Lan ku liu yi shuai
Sui ling ci yan fu.
Duo xie zhu shao nian
Xiang zhi bu zhong hou.
Yi qi qing ren ming
Li ge fu he you.


Imitate the Ancients: Nine Poems: No. 1


Below the window, orchids grow very lush
Willows in the front of the house very dense and thick.
Last time we left each other
Did not say we would be away for a long time.

Outside the door, a traveler of thousands of miles
Along the way you will probably meet some good friends.
With no words, our heart-minds drunk together
Not really drunk on wine, maybe you were not sincere.

Orchids dry up, willows also decline
Finally stopped relying on your word to return.
Need to warn all of the young people
Appearance alone does not guarantee loyalty.
Human nature often influenced by impulses
After our departure, what’s left of these emotions.

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