Tao Yuanming: Imitate the Ancients: Nine Poems: No. 2

Imitate the Ancients: Nine Poems: No. 2

辞 家 夙 严 驾
当 往 至 无 终。
问 君 今 何 行?
非 商 复 非 戎。
闻 有 田 子 泰
节 义 为 士 雄。
斯 人 久 已 死
乡 里 习 其 风。
生 有 高 世 名
既 没 传 无 穷。
不 学 驱 驰 子
直 在 百 年 中。
Ni Gu: Jiu Shou


Ci jia su yan jia
Dang wang zhi wu zhong.
Wen jun jin he xing ?
Fei shang fu fei rong.

Wen you tian zi tai
Jie yi wei shi xiong.
Si ren jiu yi si
Xiang li xi qi feng.

Sheng you gao shi ming
Ji mo chuan wu qiong.
Bu xue qu chi zi
Zhi zai bai nian zhong.


Imitate the Ancients: Nine Poems: No. 2


Left home early in the morning, after securing luggage to the cart
Should go as far as Wuzhong.
You ask me “Why do you go here?”
Do not go out for business, or to serve the army.

Hear this place had Tian Zi Tai
A scholarly man with the power of justice of moral integrity.
He passed away a long time ago
Inside his village they followed his practice and lead.

During his life, his name and reputation very high
After his death, his memory continues on.
I don’t want to go and learn just about his fame
Unfortunately his virtuous examples died with him.



Wuzhong: Ancient name for the city of Suzhou.

Tian Zi Tai: (169-214) Also known as Tian Chou, he was a high official during the Three Kingdoms period under the warlord Cao Cao.

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