Tao Yuanming: Imitate the Ancients: Nine Poems: No. 3

Imitate the Ancients: Nine Poems: No. 3

拟 古: 九 首
仲 春 遘 时 雨
始 雷 发 东 隅。
众 蜇 各 潜 骇
草 木 纵 横 舒。
翩 翩 新 来 燕
双 双 入 我 庐。
先 巢 故 尚 在
相 将 还 旧 居。
自 从 分 别 来
门 庭 日 荒 芜。
我 心 固 匪 石
君 情 定 何 如?
Ni Gu: Jiu Shou


Zhong chun gou shi you
Shi lei fa dong you.
Zhong zhe ge qian hai
Cao mu zong heng shu.

Pian pian xin lai yan
Shuang shuang ru wo lu.
Xian chao gu shang zai
Xiang jiang huan jiu ju.

Zi cong fen bie lai
Men ting ri huang wu.
Wo xin gu fei shi
Jun qing ding he ru ?


Imitate the Ancients: Nine Poems: No. 3

Middle of spring, right time for seasonal rain
Beginning of thunderstorms in the east.
On this day hibernating animals stay submerged and frightened
Grasses and trees stretch out vertically and horizontally.

Newly arrived swallows flutter lightly
By couples they enter my small house.
Some go to their nests they made last year
The partners return to their old houses.

Since we left each other
Daily the front courtyard is more and more barren.
My heart-mind strong, does not change like a circular millstone
The birds ask: “Are your emotions still like this?”

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