Tao Yuanming: Mid-August Year of the Dragon (416 AD): Harvest Time at My Small Field House in Xiapu

Mid-August, Year of the Dragon (416 AD): Harvest Time at My Small Field House in Xiapu

丙 辰 岁 八 月 中: 于 下 潠 田 舍 获
贫 居 依 稼 穑
戮 力 东 林 隈。
不 言 春 作 苦
常 恐 负 所 怀。
司 田 眷 有 秋
寄 声 与 我 谐。
饥 者 欢 初 饱
束 带 候 鸣 鸡。
扬 楫 越 平 湖
泛 随 清 壑 回。
郁 郁 荒 山 裏
猿 声 闲 且 哀。
悲 风 爱 静 夜
林 鸟 喜 晨 开。
日 余 作 此 来
三 四 星 火 颓。
姿 年 逝 已 老
其 事 未 云 乖。
遥 谢 荷 蓧 翁
聊 得 从 君 栖。


Bing Chen Sui Ba Yue Zhong: Yu Xia Sun Tian She Huo

Pin ju yi jia se
Lu li dong lin wei.
Bu yan chun zuo ku
Chang kong fu suo huai.

Si tian juan you qiu
Ji sheng yu wo xie.
Ji zhe huan chu bao
Shu dai hou ming ji.

Yang ji yue ping hu
Fan sui qing he hui.
Yu yu huang shan li
Yuan sheng xian qie ai.

Bei feng ai jing ye
Lin niao xi chen kai.
Ri yu zuo ci lai
San si xing huo tui.

Zi nian shi yi lao
Qi shi wei yun guai.
Yao xie he diao weng
Liao de cong jun qi.


Mid-August, Year of the Dragon (416 AD), Harvest Time
at My Small Field House in Xiapu

Impoverished house, rely on subsistence farming to survive
Concerted efforts in this small area next to the eastern forest.
Do not tell anyone of my springtime hardships
Often afraid of relying on just my principles.

Government tax collector has heard that my fields have had a good harvest
His letter to me is sarcastic.
But this hungry person joyful to be finally getting enough to eat
Before the roosters crow, energetic enough to get up and dress.

Oar a small boat across a calm lake
Float along to follow the circumference of a clear, big pool.
Inside the mountains, wild and strong fragrances
Random monkey cries long and full of sorrow.

Melancholy wind always silent at night
Forest birds unfold their wings as the morning fog lifts.
In the days since I have arrived here
Three times four seasons have come and gone.

Year after year my appearance now already old
But my affairs are my own.
Eternal thanks to the old farmer man who once taught Kongzi
I will follow you, and this way of life to the end.



Xiapu: Located in Fujian Province.

Kongzi: Confucius

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