Tao Yuanming: Praise For Humble Scholars: Seven Poems: No. 2

Praise For Humble Scholars: Seven Poems: No.2

咏 贫 士:七 首
凄 厉 岁 云 暮
拥 褐 曝 前 轩。
南 圃 无 遗 秀
枯 条 盈 北 园。
倾 壶 绝 馀 沥
窥 灶 不 见 烟。
诗 书 塞 座 外
日 昃 不 遑 研。
闲 居 非 陈 厄
窃 有 愠 见 言。
何 以 慰 吾 怀?
赖 古 多 此 贤。
Yong Pin Shi: Qi Shou


Qi li sui yun mu
Yong he pu qian xiu.
Nan pu wu yi xiu
Ku tiao ying bei yuan.

Qing hu jue yu li
Kui zao bu jian yan.
Shi shu sai zuo wai
Ri ze bu huang yan.

Xian ju fei chen e
Qie you yun jian yan
He yi wei wu huai ?
Lai gu duo ci xian.


Praise For Humble Scholars: Seven Poems: No.2

Clouds at sunset, the times mournful and shrill
Embraced by coarse clothes, sun fading on my front steps.
Southern garden without remaining leaves or blossoms
Northern garden filled with withered branches and twigs.

Pry open the cooking stove, no kindling remains
Around my chair, surrounded by books and poetry.
Sun slanting to the west, not occupied with extensive reading and study
Unoccupied house, hardship put on display.

Secretly harbor anger, how can I still be so poor
What can console my heart-mind?
Depend upon old and sincere friends                                                                            And the many wise and virtuous people of the past.

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