Tao Yuanming: Praise For Humble Scholars: Seven Poems: No. 3

Praise For Humble Scholars: Seven Poems: No. 3

咏 贫 士:七 首
荣 臾 老 带 索
欣 然 方 弹 琴。
原 生 纳 决 履
清 歌 畅 商 音。
重 华 去 我 久
贫 士 世 相 寻。
弊 襟 不 掩 肘
藜 羹 常 乏 斟。
岂 忘 袭 轻 裘
苟 得 非 所 钦。
赐 也 徙 能 辨
乃 不 见 吾 心。
Yong Pin Shi: Qi Shou


Rong yu lao dai suo
Xin ran fang tan qin.
Yuan sheng na jue lu
Qing ge chang shang yin.

Cong hua qu wo jiu
Pin shi shi xiang xun.
Bi jin bu yan zhou
Li geng chang fa zhen.

Qi wang xi qing qiu
Gou de fei suo qin.
Ci ye xi neng bian
Nai bu jian wu xin.

Praise For Humble Scholars: Seven Poems: No. 3

In the old days, Mr. Rong wore a simple robe and belt
With pleasure he played his qin.
Mr. Yuan wore shoes that were broken
He sang clearly and smooth the old folk songs.

The best emperors have departed before me, long time ago
Impoverished scholars still seek these people.
Clothes so old my elbows are exposed
Thick lamb’s quarters soup often lacks substance.

Do not have to buy a light fur coat
Yet don’t admire those who obtain their possessions without effort.
As capable as Mr. Ci was as a Confucian orator
He could never understand my heart-mind.



Qin: An ancient Chinese stringed instrument. Fretless, zither-like instrument with four strings.

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