Tao Yuanming: Repay a Kindness to Former Mayor Liu

Repay a Kindness to Former Mayor Liu

酬 刘 柴 桑
穷 居 寡 人 用
时 忘 四 远 周。
闾 庭 多 落 叶
慨 然 知 已 秋。
新 葵 郁 北 墉
嘉 穟 养 南 畴。
今 我 不 为 乐
知 有 来 岁 不?
命 室 携 童 弱
良 日 登 远 游。
Chou Liu Chai Sang

Qiong ju gua ren yong
Shi wang si yuan zhou.
Lu ting duo luo yue
Kai ran zhi yi qiu.

Xin kui yu bei yong
Jia sui yang nan chou.
Jin wo bu wei yue
Zhi you lai sui bu ?
Ming shi xie tong ruo
Liang ri deng yuan you.


Repay a Kindness to Former Mayor Liu

Live in such a poor house, very little use for human affairs
Lose track of the days, the four seasons move quickly.
Many fallen leaves against the front courtyard gate
With the end of autumn, known feelings deepen.

New big flowers spread profusely on the northern wall
Fine golden rice growing in the southern fields.
Now I should be happy and enjoy all of this
Do I know how many years are yet to come?
I tell my wife to take the hands of our children
It’s a fine day to go climb in the distant mountains.

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