Tao Yuanming: Stop Drinking Wine

Stop Drinking Wine

止 酒
居 止 次 城 邑
逍 遥 自 闲 止。
坐 止 高 荫 下
步 止 荜 门 里。
好 味 止 园 葵
大 欢 止 稚 子。
平 生 不 止 酒
止 酒 情 无 喜。
暮 止 不 安 寝
晨 止 不 能 起。
日 日 欲 止 之
营 卫 止 不 理。
徒 知 止 不 乐
未 知 止 利 己。
始 觉 止 为 善
今 朝 真 止 矣。
从 此 一 止 去
将 止 扶 桑 涘。
清 颜 止 宿 容
将 止 千 万 祀。


Zhi Jiu

Ju zhi ci cheng yi
Xiao yao zi xuan zhi.
Zuo zhi gao yin xia
Bu zhi bi men li.

Hao wei zhi yuan kui
Da huan zhi zhi zi.
Ping sheng bu zhi jiu
Zhi jiu qing wu xi.

Mu zhi bu an qin
Chen zhi bu neng qi.
Ri ri yu zhi zhi
Ying wei zhi bu li.

Tu zhi zhi bu yue
Wei zhi zhi li ji.
Shi jue zhi wei shan
Jin zhao zhen zhi yi.

Cong ci yi zhi qu
Jiang zhi fu sang si.
Qing yan zhi su
Jiang zhi qian wan si.


Stop Drinking Wine

Living just outside my hometown city wall
Naturally carefree, unhurried, and leisurely.
Sit and rest under the shade of a tall tree
Confined to inside my bamboo gate.

Best taste: my garden vegetables
Biggest joy: my young children.
My whole life I have not wanted to stop drinking
Not drinking wine, my emotions without joy and happiness.

At sunset, cannot have a restful sleep
Without wine, in the morning I am not able to get up.
Everyday think about quitting wine
My body tells me my circulation would improve without it.

But I know if I stop, the music would also stop
Do not acknowledge that stopping would be a benefit.
In the beginning I knew that to stop would create virtue
Today, I vow to finally make this commitment.

From now on, you do not need to remind me
Upon my death, maybe then I can go to the place of immortals.
Try to keep my youthful appearance till old age
Till death, it could seem like thousands and thousands of years.

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