Tao Yuanming: The Art of Wine

The Art of Wine

述 酒
重 离 照 南 陆
鸣 鸟 声 相 闻。
秋 草 虽 未 黄
融 风 久 已 分。
素 砾 皛 修 渚
南 岳 无 怅 云。
豫 章 抗 高 门
重 华 固 灵 坟。
流 泪 抱 中 叹
倾 耳 听 司 晨。
神 州 献 嘉 粟
西 灵 为 我 驯。
诸 梁 董 师 旅
羊 胜 丧 其 身。
山 阳 归 下 国
成 名 犹 不 勤。
卜 生 善 斯 牧
安 乐 不 为 君。
平 王 去 旧 京
峡 中 纳 遗。
双 陵 甫 云 育
三 趾 显 奇 文。
王 子 爱 清 吹
日 中 翔 河 汾。
朱 公 练 九 齿
闲 居 离 世 纷。
峨 峨 西 岭 内
偃 息 常 所 亲。
天 容 自 永 固
彭 殇 非 等 伦。
Shu Jiu

Zhong li zhao nan lu
Ming niao sheng xiang wen.
Qiu cao sui wei huang
Rong feng jiu yi fen.

Su li xiao xiu zhu
Nan yue wu chang yun.
Yu zhang kang gao men
Chong hua gu ling fen.

Liu lei bao zhong tan
Qing er ting si chen.
Shen zhou xian jia su
Xi ling wei wo xun.

Zhu liang dong shi lu
Yang sheng sang qi shen.
Shan yang gui xia guo
Cheng ming you bu qin.

Bu sheng shan si mu
An yue bu wei jun.
Ping wang qu jiu jing
Xia zhong na yi.

Shuang ling fu yun yu
San zhi xian qi wen.
Wang zi ai qing chui
Ri zhong xiang he fen.

Zhu gong lian jiu chi
Xian ju li shi fen.
E e xi ling nei
Yan xi chang suo qin.
Tian rong zi yong gu
Peng shang fei deng lun.


The Art of Wine

Emperor of the Eastern Jin ruled lands south of the Changjiang
Poisoned to death, even though the dynasty followed the principle of the Eight Trigrams.
Hear singing birds talking to each other
Although the autumn grasses not yet yellow.

The soft warm winds have left long ago
Jagged white gravel collects around the islets.
Southern mountains and the beginning of the dynasty without expressions of sorrow
A victorious general given only a small tract of land, defies tall imperial gates.

First emperor of the Jin Dynasty buried correctly in the mountains
In between sighs, flowing tears.
Early morning, cup my ear to hear the roosters stir
The news: the emperor’s assassin first gave him the fruit of an excellent millet harvest.

Only to later come back and take the whole country
The usurper claims to have the right to rule by having the Four Animals:
Dragon, phoenix, griffin and turtle
Zhu Liang knew how to command an army.

Yang Sheng said that he would avenge his father’s death
Shan Yang went outside the imperial palace into the mountains.
He gave up the throne, like the Jin emperor, but only one of them was killed
Like the shepherd who knows the flock can have only one leader.
Some people even help the perpetrators of the crime
Emperor Ping in 770 BC had to move the capital.


Eastern Jin Dynasty:  (265-420 AD)

Changjiang: Also known as the Yangzi River

Eight Trigrams:  Used in the Yi Jing within the Daoist cosmology.  Follows the principles of yin and yang. Also spelled the I Ching.

Four Animals:  Four constellation and mythological animals. They include the Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Dragon, and the Black Tortoise.

Zhu Liang: (181-234 AD)  Military strategist, writer, engineer and writer during the Han Dynasty.

Emperor Ping:  (r. 770-720 BC) Famous for moving the Western Zhou Dynasty capital from Haojing to Luoyang and thus starting the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

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