Qian Qi Poem: To the North-flying Wild Geese – 钱起《归雁》








[1] 潇湘:二水名,在今湖南境内。

[2] 等闲:随随便便;轻易。

[3] 苔:鸟类的食物,雁尤喜食。

[4] 二十五弦:指瑟这种乐器。《楚辞·远游》:“使湘灵鼓瑟兮。”

[5] 清怨:此处指曲调凄清哀怨。

To the North-flying Wild Geese

Qian Qi

Why won’t you stay on Southern River any more?

Why leave its water clear, sand bright and mossy shore?

You cannot bear the grief revealed in the moonlight

By the Princess’ twenty-five strings, so you take flight.

The Princess refers to the daughter of Emperor Yao and wife to Emperor Shun who died on the Southern River, and the Princess played on the twenty-five strings to drown her grief.


“To the North-flying Wild Geese” is a seven-part poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet Qian Qi. It is a poem written by Qian Qi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, to express his thoughts on his travels to other countries. With its unique artistic characteristics, the poem has become one of the most famous poems on singing geese.

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