Wang Wei: Ascend Scholar Pei Di’s Viewing Terrace

Ascend Scholar Pei Di’s Viewing Terrace

登 裴 迪 秀 才 小 台 作
端 居 不 出 户
满 目 望 云 山。
落 日 鸟 边 下
秋 原 人 外 闲。
遥 知 远 林 际
不 见 此 檐 间。
好 客 多 乘 月
应 门 莫 上 关。
Deng Pei Di Xiu Cai Xiao Tai Zuo

Duan ju bu chu hu
Man mu wang yun shan.
Luo ri niao bian xia
Qiu yuan ren wai xian.

Yao zhi yuan lin ji
Bu jian ci yan jian.
Hao ke duo cheng yue
Ying men mo shang guan.


Ascend to Scholar Pei Di’s Viewing Terrace

No reason for you to go out your door
Gazing into the distance, clouds and mountains come into view.
Birds flying down and across the setting sun
Autumn, country people idle in the out of doors.

In the remote far away forest
We cannot see even the eave’s outlines of my house.
With friendly guests, many take advantage of the moon
Told the servants, do not bolt the door, for I don’t know how long I will be away.

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