Wang Wei: At Qishang: Send Off Zhao Xianzhou

At Qishang: Send Off Zhao Xianzhou

淇 上 送 赵 仙 舟
相 逢 方 一 笑
相 送 还 成 泣。
祖 帐 已 伤 离
荒 城 复 愁 人。
天 寒 远 山 净
日 暮 长 河 急。
解 缆 君 已 遥
望 君 犹 伫 立。
Qi Shang Song Zhao Xian Zhou

Xiang feng fang yi xiao
Xiang song hai cheng qi.
Zu zhang yi shang li
Huang cheng fu chou ren.

Tian han yuan shan jing
Ri mu chang he ji.
Jie lan jun yi yao
Wang jun you zhu li.


At Qishang: Send Off Zhao Xianzhou

First time we met each other we shared laughter
Yet now we cry as I see you off.
Homage to ancestors behind the curtain
Thereafter the wounds and pain of separation.

Uncultivated lands beyond the city wall
Again people’s sorrow at parting.
Sky cold, distant mountains clean
Sunset on the long restless rivers.
Untied mooring rope, you are now far away
Gaze into the distance, I stand still for a long time.

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