Wang Wei: Bamboo Ridge Axes

Bamboo Ridge Axes

斤 竹 岭
檀 栾 映 空 曲
青 翠 漾 涟 漪。
暗 人 商 山 路
樵 人 不 可 知。
Jin Zhu Ling

Tan luan ying kong qu
Qing cui yang lian yi.                                                                                                                An ren shang shan lu
Qiao ren bu ke zhi.

Bamboo Ridge Axes

Wingceltis and golden rain trees crooked against the empty sky
Verdant greens on the overflowing ripples.                                                            Recluses on paths in the Mt. Shang region
Wood gatherers do not understand.



Wingceltis:  Also known as the blue sandalwood tree. Native to China, it used for timber, paper, and oil from it’s seeds.

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