Wang Wei: Lily Magnolia Tree Park

Lily Magnolia Tree Park

木 兰 柴
秋 山 敛 馀 照
飞 鸟 逐 前 侣。
彩 翠 时 分 明
夕 岚 无 处 所。
Mu Lan Zhai

Qiu shan lian yu zhao
Fei niao zhu qian lu.                                                                                                                 Cai cui shi fen ming
Xi lan wu chu suo.


Lily Magnolia Tree Park

Autumn mountains restrain the remaining glow
Two flying birds, one pursuing the other.

Emerald green colors in the twilight radiance
Evening mountain mist, without a landmark in sight.



Lily Magnolia trees: They are also known as the Purple Lily Magnolia, or in Southern California as the Tulip Tree. They are native to southwest China.



Truly a poem written by not only by a master poet, but also a master painter, with the eyes of both.

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