Wang Wei: Mt. Hua Ridge

Mt. Hua Ridge

华 子 冈
飞 鸟 去 不 穷
连 山 复 秋 色。
上 下 华 子 冈
惆 怅 情 何 极。
Hua Zi Gang

Fei niao qu bu qiong
Lian shan fu qiu se.                                                                                                              Shang xia huai zi gang
Chou chang qing he ji.


Mt. Hua Ridge

Flying birds depart into the limitless sky
Mountain after mountain of repeating autumn colors.

Mt. Hua ridge from top to bottom
Feelings of extreme melancholy and disappointment.


Mt. Hua: Perhaps refers to a part of the mountain range east of Xi’an, and noted as one of the Five Great Mountains of China.

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