Wang Wei: The Wang Chuan Poems on a Painted Scroll

Wang Chuan Poems on a Painted Scroll

辋 川 卷

Wang Chuan Juan

The Wang Chuan poems and painted scenes originally appeared upon a long painted scroll. There are twenty poems composed by Wang Wei, and another twenty that echo Wang’s by his poet friend Pei Di. Wang Wei was not only a first class poet, but also was famous for his paintings as well. Unfortunately, none of his original paintings exist, only copies, or copies of copies.

These poems and painted landscapes depict Wang’s artistic impressions of his vacation estate, Wang Chuan, located in the foothills of the Qinling mountains. The area is also known as being inside Lantian County, just south of the then capital city of Chang’an, now known as Xi’an. Wang bought this estate from the poet Song Zhiwen (ca. 660-712).

Each poem translated on this website are from Wang Wei only. Each one is a quatrain, consisting of five character lines. For more information follow the link to Wangchuan Ji.

These poems are printed in the order as found in the excellent book, Hiding the Universe: Poem by Wang Wei, Translated by Wai-lim Yip.


1. Meng Cheng Ao                    Meng City Mountain Pass
2. Hua Zi Gang Mt.                  Mt. Hua Ridge
3. Wen Xing Guan                    Elegant Apricot Wood Structure
4. Jin Zhu Ling                          Bamboo Ridge Axes
5. Lu Zhai                                   Deer Park
6. Mu Lan Zhai                         Lily Magnolia Tree Park
7. Zhu Yu                                     Remember the Double Ninth Festival
8. Gong Huai Mo                      Palace Footpaths Lined With Scholar Trees
9. Lin Hu Ting                           Lakeside Pavilion
10. Nan Cha                                Southern Levees
11. Qi Hu                                       Qi Lake
12. Liu Lang                                Undulating Willow Trees
13. Luan Jia Lai                          Luan Jia Rapids
14. Jin Xie Quan                         Springwater Gold Flakes
15. Bai Shi Tan                           White Pebble Shoals
16. Bei Cha                                  Northern Levees
17. Zhu Li Guan                          Inside a Bamboo Auditorium
18. Xin Yi Wu                              Mountain Valley Lily Magnolia Trees
19. Qi Yuan                                  Lacquer Tree Plantation
20. Jiao Yuan Deng                   A Pepper Tree Garden

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