Wang Wei: Wang River Village During Torrential Rains

Wang River Village During Torrential Rains

积 雨 辋 川 庄 作
积 雨 空 林 烟 火 迟
蒸 藜 炊 黍 饷 东 鲻。
漠 漠 水 田 飞 白 鹭
阴 因 夏 木 啭 黄 鹂。
山 中 习 静 观 朝 槿
松 下 清 斋 折 露 亏。
野 老 与 人 争 席 罢
海 鸥 何 事 更 相 疑。


Ji Yu Wang Chuan Zhuang Zuo

Ji yu kong lin yan huo chi
Zheng li chui shu xiang dong zi.
Mo mo shui tian fei bai lu
Yin yin xia mu zhuan huang li.

Shan zhong xi jing guan zhao jin
Song xia qing zhai zhe lu kui.
Ye lao yu ren zheng xi ba
Hai du he shi geng xiang yi.


Wang River Village During Torrential Rains

Torrential rains, fires with slow-rising smoke from the empty forest
Steam from cooking lamb’s quarters and broomcorn millet rises above lands to the east.
White egrets fly though the mists over fields of water
Chirping orioles inside heavily shaded summer woods.

Among the mountains I study still serenity, and watch the morning light in the hibiscus
Below pine trees observe the vegetarian purification and pick the lukui.
This old and wild mountain man associates with people who have ceased contending for the mat
And like the ocean seagull who became more suspicious of someone wanting too close an involvement.



Hibiscus: This is a type of hibiscus  that blooms in the morning, then fades in the evening, which may have reminded him of the transience of life.

Lukui: This is a bamboo-like sprout that has to be picked within 24 hours of emerging from the ground in order to be edible.

Contending for the mat: Taken from a story in the Daoist classic Lieh Tzu, where Yang Zuju was rebuked by Laozi for his snobbish attitude. This rebuke caused others in the inn to shun him as well, literally pushing him off of his mat.

Ocean seagull: From a Daoist story where a man made friends with a seagull. His father then asks him to catch it for food on his next trip to the ocean. The bird senses his intent, and would not come close him.

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