Wei Yingwu: Again Travel to West of the City Gates

Again Travel to West of the City Gates

再 游 西 郊 渡
水 曲 一 追 游
游 人 重 怀 恋。
婵 娟 昨 夜 月
还 向 波 中 见。
惊 禽 栖 不 定
流 芳 寒 未 遍。
携 手 更 何 时
伫 看 花 似 霰。
Zai You Xi Jiao Du

Shui qu yi zhui you
You ren chang huai lian.
Chan juan zuo ye yue
Hai xiang bo zhong jian.

Jing qin qi bu ding
Liu fang han wei bian.
Xie shou geng he shi
Zhu kan hua si xian.


Again Travel West of the City Gates

Recall previous travels here, too quick through the river bends
Visitors look back again with nostalgia.
Last night’s moon lovely and graceful
Another moon near me among the waves.

Startled perched birds not calm or still
Night air not cold all over.
When can we spend more time hand in hand here
For a long time we can see the flowers in softly fallen hail.

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