Wei Yingwu: Dwelling in Seclusion

Dwelling in Seclusion

幽 居
贵 贱 虽 异 等
出 门 皆 有 营。
独 无 外 物 牵
逐 此 幽 居 情。
微 雨 夜 来 过
不 知 春 草 生。
青 山 忽 已 曙
鸟 雀 绕 舍 鸣。
时 与 道 人 偶
或 随 樵 者 行。
自 当 安 蹇 劣
谁 谓 薄 世荣。
You Ju

Gui jian sui yi deng
Chu men jie you ying
Du wu wai wu qian
Zhu ci you ju qing.

Wei yu ye lai guo
Bu zhi chun cao sheng.
Qing shan hu yi shu
Niao que rao she ming.

Shi yu dao ren ou
Huo sui qiao zhe xing.
Zi dang an jian lie
Shei wei bao shi rong.

Dwelling in Seclusion

High or low status people are of different rank
All who go out the door have their own skills
I am without a single outside world entanglement.

Evening light rains arrive
Did not realize spring grasses have emerged.
Green mountains suddenly experience their daybreak
Chirping sparrows surround the house.

Occasionally spend time with people of the Dao
Sometimes temporarily follow the firewood cutters.
Feel a satisfaction to be poor and disabled
Who says that a cold and weak society prospers.



Firewood cutters: Along with the fishermen, they are common, ancient Chinese poetic metaphors for common people living a life of simplicity, close to Nature.  People of the Dao.

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