Wei Yingwu: Go Back to My Former Officials House Along With Zhao Guoli

Go Back to My Former Officials House Along With Zhao Guoli

过 昭 国 里 故 第
不 复 见 故 人
一 来 过 故 宅。
物 变 知 景 暄
心 伤 觉 时 寂。
池 荒 野 筠 合
庭 绿 幽 草 积。
风 散 花 意 谢
鸟 还 山 光 夕。
宿 昔 方 同 赏
讵 知 今 念 昔。
缄 室 在 东 厢
遗 器 不 忍 觌。
柔 翰 全 分 意
芳 巾 尚 染 泽。
残 工 委 筐 箧
馀 素 经 刀 尺。
收 此 还 我 家
将 还 复 愁 惕。
永 绝 携 手 欢
空 存 旧 行 迹。
冥 冥 独 无 语
杳 杳 将 何 适。
唯 思 古 今 同
时 缓 伤 与 戚。
Guo Zhao Guo Li Gu Di

Bu fu jian gu ren
Yi lai guo gu zhai.
Wu bian zhi jing xuan
Xin shang jue shi ji.

Chi huang ye yun he
Ting lu you cao ji.
Feng san hua yi xie
Niao huan shan guang xi.

Su xi fang tong shang
Ju zhi jin nian xi.
Jian shi zai dong xiang
Yi qi bu ren di.

Rou han quan fen yi
Fang jin shang ran ze.
Can gong wei kuang qie
Yu su jing dao chi.

Shou ci huan wo jia
Jiang huan fu chou ti.
Yong jue xie shou huan
Kong cun jiu xing ji.

Ming ming du wu yu
Yao yao jiang he shi.
Wei si gu jin tong
Shi huan shang yu qi.


Go Back to My Former Official House Along the Zhao Guoli

Cannot see my wife again
Went back to our old house.
Outside world changes, realize this old scene is different
Heart-mind wound feels this time of loneliness.

Overgrown pond, bamboo branches joined
Front courtyard green, accumulated grasses out of sight.
Wind scattered flowers wherever it blows
Birds come back from the mountains during sunset’s brightness.

A place of former days where we shared the same joys
Did not realize that today I would think so much of the past.
Private rooms in the east wing sealed up tight
Cannot endure to see her personal items.

Her gentle writing brush artwork all with component meanings
Sweet smelling and dyed handkerchiefs still damp from her fragrances.
Incomplete work left in a basket and small box.
Leftover silk cut into one foot pieces.

Gather a few things and take back to my house
Taking my leave, again anxious and careful.
Forever cannot happily hold her hand
Only have her former project materials.

Very deep and dark, alone without words
Remote and inaccessible of what will be suitable and right.
Only think of how we all grow old
Slowly with time, the sorrow and wound will heal.

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