Wei Yingwu: Hearing Wild Geese

Hearing Wild Geese

闻 雁
故 园 眇 何 处?
归 思 方 悠 哉。
淮 南 秋 雨 夜
高 斋 闻 雁 来。
Wen Yan

Gu yuan miao he chu?
Gui si fang you zai.                                                                                                                Huai nan qiu yu ye
Gao zhai wen yan lai.


Hearing Wild Geese

My hometown so far away, where can it be?
Thinking of the possibility of returning to this remote region.

Autumn Huainan rain falling at night
From the temple hear the arriving wild geese.



Huainan: A prefecture level city in Anhui Province.

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