Wei Yingwu: In Xizhou, Government Inspector General Chang Zeng Found an Antique Ding

In Xizhou, Government Inspector General Chang Zeng Found an Antique Ding

信 川 录 事 参 军 常 曾 古 鼎 歌
三 年 纠 一 郡
独 饮 寒 泉 井。
江 南 铸 器 多 铸 银
罢 官 无 物 唯 古 鼎。
雕 螭 刻 篆 相 错 蟠
地 中 岁 久 青 苔 寒。
左 对 苍 山 右 流 水
云 有 古 来 葛 仙 子。
葛 仙 埋 之 何 不 还
耕 者 鎗 然 得 其 间。
持 示 世 人 不 知 宝
劝 君 炼 丹 永 寿 考。
Xin Chuan Lu Shi Can Jun Chang Zeng Gu Ding Ge

San nian jiu yi jun
Du yin han quan jing.
Jiang nan zhu qi duo zhu yin
Ba guan wu wu wei gu ding.

Diao chi ke zhuan xiang cuo pan
Di zhong sui jiu qing tai han.
Zuo dui cang shan you liu shui
Yun you gu lai ge xian zi.

Ge xian mai zhi he bu huan
Geng zhe qiang ran de qi jian.
Chi shi shi ren bu zhi bao
Quan jun lian dan yong shou kao.


In Xinzhou, Government Inspector General Chang Zeng Found an Antique Ding

For three years you supervised one prefecture
Outside government corruption, you were a solitary sound of cold spring water falling into a well.
Jiangnan utensils were usually cast of silver
Done with palace jobs, only tasks now to deal with your antique ding.

Made with intricate coils of carved hornless dragons and ancient seals
For many ages buried underground, covered with cold green moss and patina.
To the left, dark blue mountains, to the right flowing waters
Since the beginning of time this ding was used by immortals to fly with the clouds.

One of them must have buried it without coming back for it
Plowing farmers then struck something metallic.
This class of working people did not realize the value of what they found
I encourage you to polish up and then make medicine in it for a long life.



Xizhou: Located in Yunnan Province.

Antique ding: A prehistoric and ancient ritual bronze vessel or cauldron used for ceremonial purposes. They are associated with, and symbols of, power and dominion over the land.

Jiangnan: Literally means south of the river. Refers to an area or region south of the mouth of the Changjiang River on the eastern coast of China.

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