Wei Yingwu: Reply to Ceremony Director Yang Ling

Reply to Ceremony Director Yang Ling

多 病 守 山 郡
自 得 接 嘉 宾。
不 见 三 四 日
旷 若 十 馀 旬。
临 觞 独 无 味
对 榻 已 生 尘。
一 咏 舟 中 作
酒 雪 忽 惊 新。
烟 波 见 栖 旅
景 物 具 昭 陈。
秋 塘 唯 落 叶
野 寺 不 逢 人。
白 事 延 吏 简
闲 居 文 墨 亲。
高 天 池 阁 静
寒 菊 霜 露 频。
应 当 整 孤 棹
归 来 展 殷 勤。


Da Yang Feng Li

Duo bing shou shan jun
Zi de jie jia bin.
Bu jian san si ri
Kuang ruo shi yu xun.

Lin shang du wu wei
Dui ta yi sheng chen.
Yi yong zhou zhong zuo
Jiu xue hu jing xin.

Yan bo jian qi lu
Jing wu ju zhao chen.
Qiu tang wei luo ye
Ye si bu feng ren.

Bai shi yan li jian
Xian ju wen mo qin.
Gao xian chi ge jing
Han ju shuang lu pin.
Ying dang zheng gu zhao
Gui lai zhan yin qin.


Reply to Ceremony Director Yang

Had many illnesses in this mountainside prefecture
Joined honored guests, were enjoyed in my own way.
It has been three or four days since we were together
But it has felt like more than ten days.

Single glass of wine in front of me without any flavor
Day couch unused, back to a life inside the dust.
Chanting one of your boat-written compositions
About drinking and beginning to be startled by freshly fallen snow.

Our journeys together watching the mists and waves
Still have our implements and the scenery.
Autumn levees only have fallen leaves
Do not encounter people at the countryside temples.

Now do one hundred small odd jobs
This life of leisure spent copying calligraphy.
Tall skies, pond and pavilions calm and quiet
Frequent layers of cold frosty dew on the chrysanthemums.
I should repair and take care of my single rowboat
Eager to please you upon the arrival of your return.



Our implements: The tools to write: brush, ink and paper.

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