Wei Yingwu: Springtime Travel to Southern Pavilions

Springtime Travel to Southern Pavilions

春 游 南 亭
川 明 气 已 变
谷 寒 雪 尚 拥。
南 亭 草 心 绿
春 塘 泉 脉 动。
景 煦 听 禽 响
雨 馀 看 柳 重
逍 遥 池 馆 华
益 愧 专 城 宠。
Chun You Nan Ting

Chuan ming qi yi bian
Gu han xue shang yong.
Nan ting cao xin lu
Chun tang quan mai dong.

Jing xu ting qin xiang
Yu yu kan liu chong.
Xiao yao chi guan hua
Yi kui zhuan cheng chong.


Springtime Travel to Southern Pavilions

River plain light, the air already changing
Mountain valleys cold and still holding snow.
Southern pavilion grasses turning green
Springhead waters moving like inside arteries and veins.

Scenery warming up, hear the sounds of birds and animals
Surplus rain adds more willow tree leaves.
Around the pond, free and unfettered, a magnificent place for cultural pursuits
This city official feels some shame for having indulged in these pleasures.

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