Wei Yingwu: Travel to Mt. Langya Temple

Travel to Mt. Langya Temple

游 琅 琊 山 寺
受 命 恤 人 隐
兹 游 久 未 遑。
鸣 驺 响 幽 涧
前 旌 耀 崇 岗。
请 冥 台 砌 寒
绿 缛 草 木 香。
填 壑 跻 花 界
叠 石 构 云 房。
经 制 随 岩 转
缭 绕 岂 定 方。
新 泉 泄 阴 壁
高 萝 荫 绿 塘。
攀 林 一 栖 止
饮 水 得 清 凉。
物 累 诚 可 遣
疲 甿 终 未 忘。
还 归 坐 郡 阁
但 见 山 苍 苍。


You Lang Ya Shan Si

Shou ming xu ren yin
Zi you jiu wei huang.
Ming zou xiang you jian
Qian jing yao chong gang.

Qing ming tai qi han
Lu ru cao mu xiang.
Tian he ji hua jie
Die shi gou yun fang,.

Jing zhi sui yan zhuan
Liao rao qi ding fang.
Xin quan xie yin bi
Gao luo yin lu tang.

Pan lin yi qi zhi
Yin shui dei qing liang,.
Wu lei cheng ke qian
Pi meng zhong wei wang.
Huan gui zuo jun ge
Dan jian shan cang cang.


Travel to Mt. Langya Temple

Received orders to help these secluded people
For a long time traveling without time for leisure.
Sounds warning and announcing my arrival echo throughout these remote canyons
Banners in front, illuminated on a lofty ridge.

Temple steps cold, dark and black
Very green, wild trees and grasses are fragrant.
Mountain pass with climbing flowers of many varieties
In the clouds, meditation houses of piled up stones.

Buildings follow the contours of land and cliff
Pathways wind around and meander without any straight lines.
Fresh artesian spring waters flow from shady cliff walls
Tall vines shade the green ponds and berms.

Climb into the forest, one can stop to rest or dwell
Drinks of water are clear and cool.
Collections of outside worldly things can actually be dispelled
Cannot forget these tired and common people.
Go back to sit in the prefecture pavilions
Can see the endless blue and green verdant mountains.



Mt. Langya: Currently designated a National Forest Park, it is located in Anhui Province.

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