Wei Yingwu: Reply to Field Officer Chang Dang

Reply to Field Officer Chang Dang

答 畅 校 书 当
偶 然 弃 官 去
投 迹 在 田 中。
日 出 照 茅 屋
园 林 养 愚 蒙。
虽 云 无 一 资
樽 酌 会 不 空。
且 欣 百 谷 成
仰 叹 造 化 功。
出 入 与 民 伍
作 事 靡 不 同。
时 伐 南 涧 竹
夜 还 沣 水 东。
贫 蹇 自 成 退
岂 为 高 人 踪。
览 君 金 玉 篇
彩 色 发 我 容。
日 日 欲 为 报
方 春 已 徂 冬。


Da Chang Jiao Shu Dang

Ou ran qi guan qu
Tou ji zai tian zhong.
Ri chu zhao mao wu
Yuan lin yang yu meng.

Sui yun wu yi zi
Zun zhuo hui bu kong.
Qie xin bai gu cheng
Yang tan zao hua gong.

Chu ru yu min wu
Zuo shi mi bu tong.
Shi fa nan jian zhu
Ye huan feng shui dong.

Pin jian zi cheng tui
Qi wei gao ren zong.
Lan jun jin yu pian
Cai se fa wo rong.
Ri ri yu wei bao
Fang chun yi cu dong.


Reply to Field Officer Chang Dang

Fortuitous departure from the palace
Putting my footprints in the middle of fields.
Daybreak illuminates my thatched house
In gardens and forests cultivate natural integrity.

As they say, already without a single dollar
Yet the drinking wine vessel is not empty.
For now happiness from a hundred plots growing millet
Admire and praise the creation of this success.

Go out and enter in the company of common people
My former work a waste and extravagance, not anything like now.
This is the season to fall bamboo in the southern valleys
Evenings I return home to the Peng River temple.

My feet crippled, success is retirement
Isn’t it best to make the footprints of a hermit.
Look at your writings which are like gold and jade
It allows me to discover many insights.
Your narratives make for sunny hopes and desires
From spring to winter did not have the time to answer.

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