Wei Yingwu: Send Off Recorder Wang From Fen City

Send Off Recorder Wang From Fen City

送 汾 城 王 主 簿
少 年 初 带 印
汾 上 又 经 过。
芳 草 归 时 遍
情 人 故 郡 多。
禁 钟 春 雨 细
宫 树 野 烟 和。
相 望 东 桥 别
微 风 起 夕 波。
Song Fen Cheng Wang Zhu Bu

Shao nian chu dai yin
Fen shang you jing guo.
Fang cao gui shi bian
Qing ren gu jun duo.

Jin zhong chun yu xi
Gong shu ye yan he.
Xiang wang dong qiao bie
Wei feng qi xi bo.


Send Off Recorder Wang From Fen City

In your early youth you began to leave your inked seals
You continue on past the Fen River.
The season when fragrant grasses grow everywhere
Your hometown there with many dear friends.

Delicate spring rain, special palace drum sounds
We in the open country, palace trees blend in with the mist.
At the eastern bridge we depart from each other
Light breezes begin to arise, sunset on the waves.



Fen River:  Large tributary to the Yellow River in Shanxi Province.

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