Wei Yingwu: Sending Off Lin Mingfu to Yuci

Sending Off Lin Mingfu to Yuci

送 榆 次 林 明 府
无 嗟 千 里 远
亦 是 宰 王 畿。
策 马 雨 中 去
逢 人 关 外 稀。
邑 传 榆 石 在
路 绕 晋 山 微。
别 思 方 萧 索
新 秋 一 叶 飞。
Song Yu Ci Lin Ming Fu

Wu jie qian li yuan
Yi shi zai wang ji.
Ce ma you zhong qu
Feng ren guan wai xi.

Yi chuan yi shi zai
Lu rao jin shan wei.
Bie si fang xiao suo
Xin qiu yi ye fei.


Sending Off Lin Mingfu to Yuci

So sad you will soon be hundreds of miles away
But still in a part of the imperial empire.
In the rain you have to ride horses to get to your destination
Very rarely meet people outside the provincial gate.

I have heard that this place has famous talking rocks
From one mountain range to another, they appear to have what are tiny  road circles around them.
Think of you as you depart for this desolate and solitary place
Early autumn, one leaf has already flown.



Yuci:  Ancient city and now district of Jinzhong city in the province of Shanxi.

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