Wei Yingwu: Written Intimations: Five Poems: Nos. 1 and 3

Written Intimations: Five Poems: Nos. 1 and 3

杂 体:五 首
沉 沉 匣 中 镜
为 此 尘 垢 蚀。
辉 光 何 所 如
月 在 云 中 黑。
南 金 既 雕 错
螌 带 共 辉 饰。
空 存 鉴 物 名
坐 使 妍 蚩 惑。
美 人 竭 肝 胆
思 照 冰 玉 色。
自 非 摩 莹 工
日 日 空 叹 息。
春 罗 双 鸳 鸯
出 自 寒 夜 女。
心 精 烟 雾 色
指 历 千 万 绪。
长 安 贵 豪 家
妖 艳 不 可 数。
裁 此 百 日 功
唯 将 一 朝 舞。
舞 罢 复 裁 新
岂 思 芳 者 苦。
Za Ti: Wu Shou


Chen chen xia zhong jing
Wei ci chen gou shi.
Hui guang he suo ru
Yue zai yun zhong hei.

Nan jin ji diao cuo
Pan dai gong hui shi.
Kong cun jian wu ming
Zuo shi yan chi huo

Mei ren jie gan dan
Si zhao bing yu se.
Zi fei mo ying gong
Ri ri kong tan xi.


Chun luo shuang yuan yang
Chu zi han ye nu.
Xin jing yan wu se
Zhi li qian wan xu.

Chang an gui hao jia
Yao yan bu ke shu.
Cai ci bai ri gong
Wei jiang yi zhao wu.
Wu ba fu cai xin
Qi si lao zhe ku.


Written Intimations: Five Poems: Nos. 1 and 3


Heavy, deeply mirrored, and a multi-drawer box
Accumulated dust and dirt tarnished.
No longer reflective and radiant like before
As the moon in the middle of dark clouds.

Southern people engraved it with gold inlay
Decorated small bag on a belt shines brightly.
This famous mirror actually knows nothing of the outside world
Sitting in front of it enchants and bewilders.

Beautiful ladies exhaust their livers and gall bladders
Mistakenly think that what shines is a face of icy jade colors.
Mirrors naturally not lustrous or transparent, need continuous rubbing and polishing
Heave a sigh everyday at the emptiness.


Springtime collect a damask mandarin duck and drake pair
Only emerges with the work of women in cold evenings.
Exquisite heart-minds blend the colors like mists and fog
Fingers move millions of thread ends.

Rich and powerful Chang’an families
Not able to count the number of acquired and gorgeous ladies.
Only one piece of fabric the product of one hundred days
But the ladies need a new dancing dress every morning.
Each new dance requires a new and unique dress
They do not give a thought to the suffering of the workers.

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