Yang Wanli: Small Ponds

Small Ponds

小 池
泉 眼 无 声 惜 细 流
树 阴 照 水 爱 晴 柔。
小 荷 才 露 尖 尖 角
早 有 蜻 蜓 立 上 头。
Xiao Chi

Quan yan wu sheng xi xi liu
Shu yin zhao shui ai qing rou.

Xiao he cai lu jian jian jue
Zao you qing ting li shang tou.


Small Ponds

Artesian springhead hole without sounds, thin flows precious
Trees reflected on the bright water love what is sunny and soft.

Short lotus stems, their character is to be pointed and dew-holding
Newly-emerged dragonflies establish themselves upon them.

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