Bai Juyi: Dinner Banquet Breaks Up

Dinner Banquet Breaks Up

宴 散
小 宴 追 凉 散
平 桥 步 月 回。
笙 歌 归 院 落
灯 火 下 楼 台。
残 暑 蝉 催 尽
新 秋 雁 戴 来。
将 何 迎 睡 兴?
临 卧 举 残 杯。


Yan San

Xiao yan zhui liang san
Ping qiao bu yue hui.
Sheng ge gui yuan luo
Deng huo xia lou tai.

Can shu chan cui jin
Xin qiu yan dai lai.
Jiang he ying shui xing?
Lin wo ju can bei.


Dinner Banquet Breaks Up

Because of cooler weather, small dinner banquet now breaks up
Over level bridges, the moon and I walk together.
From wind instruments, lively melodies while returning to a quiet courtyard compound
Lantern lights burn down to dimly light towers and terraces.

Cicadas feel anxious as the hot weather recedes
New autumn, wild geese arrive by the same migratory routes.
How can I fall asleep after meeting all of the excitement?
About to lie down, raise up half-emptied cups.


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