Bai Juyi: Evening Return From Lake Island Pavilions

Evening Return From Lake Island Pavilions

湖 亭 晚 归
尽 日 湖 亭 卧
心 闲 事 亦 稀。
起 因 残 醉 醒
坐 得 晚 凉 归。
松 雨 飘 腾 帽
江 风 透 葛 衣。
柳 堤 行 不 厌
沙 软 絮 霏 霏。
Hu Ting Wan Gui

Jin ri hu ting wo
Xin xian shi yi xi.
Qi yin can zui xing
Zuo de wan liang gui.

Song yu piao teng mao
Jiang feng tou ge yi.
Liu di hang bu yan
Sha ruan xu fei fei.


Evening Return From Lake Island Pavilions

All day long rested inside these lake island pavilions
So rare and precious when the heart-mind at leisure from things and events.
Incompletely drunk and sober, need to arise
Sitting there while the evening chill returns.

Rain in the pine trees, traveling down the vines that shelter like a hat
River breezes penetrate my thick clothes.
Not satiated by walking upon these willow-treed embankments
Sand soft from willow tree pollen falling thick and fast.




Bai Juyi’s excellent description of the area around West Lake in Hangzhou.

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