Bai Juyi: Imperial Concubine Zhao Jun: Two Poems

Imperial Concubine Zhao Jun: Two Poems



王 昭 君: 二 首
汉 使 却 回 凭 寄 语
黄 金 何 日 赎 蛾 眉?                                                                                          君 王 若 问 妾 颜 色
莫 道 不 如 宫 里 时。
Wang Zhao Jun: Er Shou

Han shi que hui ping ji yu
Huang jin he ri shu e mei?                                                                                                     Jun wang ruo wen qie yan se
Mo dao bu ru gong li shi.

Imperial Consort Zhao Jun: Two Poems

Han envoy returned to the capital with news from Zhao Jun
“When can the emperor send his gold to redeem these delicate eyebrows?”    “Tell your emperor what this consort’s color and appearance is like”
“Don’t tell him that I am still like the inside palace ladies.”


(Wang) Zhao Jun:  (ca. 50-?) One of the Four Beauties of ancient China. Master pipa player and of the Four Arts of the Scholar (guqin, shufa, painting, and weiqi). Over the years some 700 poems and 40 stories have been written about her.

Pipa and Guqin: Ancient stringed musical instruments.

Shufa: The art of writing the Chinese characters.

Weiqi: Chinese version of the chess.

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