Bai Juyi: Send This to Xiang Ling

Send This to Xiang Ling

寄 湘 灵
泪 眼 凌 寒 冻 不 流
每 经 高 处 即 回 头。
遥 知 别 后 西 楼 上
应 凭 栏 于 独 自 愁。
Ji Xiang Ling

Lei yan ling han dong bu liu
Mei jing gao chu ji hui tou.                                                                                                    Yao zhi bie hou xi lou shang
Ying ping lan yu du zi chou.


Send This Letter to Xiang Ling

Tearing up eyes almost frozen solid
Every time I pass into elevated regions, I return with regrets.

From far away I imagine that you are upon west-facing towers
Alone on a balcony, naturally full of melancholy.

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