Bai Juyi: Jianchang River

Jianchang River

建 昌 江
建 昌 江 水 县 门 前
立 马 教 人 唤 渡 般。
忽 似 往 年 归 蔡 渡
草 风 沙 雨 渭 河 边。
Jian Chang Jiang

Jian chang jiang shui xian men qian
Li ma jiao ren huan du ban.                                                                                                   Hu si wang nian gui cai du
Cao feng sha yu wei he bian.


Jianchang River

In front of a ferry landing at Jian Chang
Right away have someone calling out for a boat.                                                    Suddenly realize this like returning to my hometown in former years
Windy grasses, sand and rain on the Wei River riverbanks.



Jianchang River: Ancient name for the river now known as the Daling River that is located in western Liaoning Province.

Wei River:  Largest tributary to the Yellow River that runs through the ancient capital city of Chang’an in Shaanxi Province.

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