Bai Juyi: New Spring River Occasion

New Spring River Occasion

新 春 江 次
浦 干 湖 未 应
堤 湿 冻 初 销。
粉 片 妆 梅 朵
金 丝 刷 柳 条。
鸭 头 新 绿 水
雁 齿 小 红 桥。
莫 怿 珂 声 碎
春 来 吾 马 骄。
Xin Chun Jiang Ci

Pu gan hu wei ying
Di shi dong chu xiao.
Fen pian zhuang mei duo
Jin si shua liu tiao.

Ya tou xin lu shui
Yan chi xiao hong qiao.
Mo yi ke sheng sui
Chun lai wu ma jiao.


New Spring River Occasion

Low river levels, tidal bore waves are not yet pronounced
Wet and frozen embankments begin to melt.
Plum blossoms powder and flake like a lady’s make-up
Willow tree twigs send out their golden silk.

Green-headed ducks test the new waters
Small red bridges side-by-side like migrating wild geese.
Do not regret the sounds of the jade pieces on moving horses
Spring arrives, do not be bothered by my proud five-horse carriage.



Five-horse carriage: Used by government officials, such as city mayors like Bai Juyi was at this time.

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