Bai Juyi: Thinking of Female Eyebrows

Thinking of Female Eyebrows

思 妇 眉
春 风 摇 荡 自 东 来
折 尽 樱 桃 绽 尽 梅。
唯 余 思 妇 愁 眉 结
无 限 春 风 吹 不 开。
Si Fu Mei

Chun feng yao dang zi dong lai
She jin ying tao zhan jin mei.                                                                                                Wei yu si fu chou mei jie
Wu xian chun feng chui bu kai.


Thinking of Female Eyebrows

Naturally from the east, spring breezes swing and sway
Most cherry and peach branches broken off, most plum tree branches torn. Remaining alone, she thinks of him to make her scrunched eyebrows
Spring breezes blow without end, blossoms have yet to open.

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