Bai Juyi: Lotus Gathering Melody

Lotus Gathering Melody

采 莲 曲
菱 叶 萦 波 荷 飐 风
荷 花 深 处 小 船 通。
逢 郎 欲 语 低 头 笑
碧 玉 搔 头 落 水 中。
Cai Lian Qu

Ling ye ying bo he zhan feng
He hua shen chu xiao chuan tong.                                                                                    Feng lang yu yu di tou xiao
Bi yu sao tou luo shui zhong.


Lotus Gathering Melody

Entangled water caltrop and lotus leaves quivering in the breeze
Small boat opens up a space inside the thick lotus flowers.

Youthful eyes meet, no words or smiles under lowered heads
Hair brushed, bluish-green jade fell into the water.

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