Bai Juyi: Woman Under Arch-Topped Doors

Woman Under Arch-Topped Doors

闺 妇
斜 凭 绣 床 愁 不 动
红 销 带 缓 绿 鬟 低。
辽 阳 春 尽 无 消 息
夜 合 花 前 日 又 西。
Gui Fu

Xie ping xiu chuang chou bu dong
Hong diao dai huan lu huan di.                                                                                         Liao yang chun jin wu xiao xi
Ye he hua qian ri you xi.


Woman Under Arch-Topped Doors

Slanted embroidery board abandoned next to her still and melancholy bed
Fading pink cheeks, green belt too loose, hair bun hanging down.

He is so far away in Liaoyang, most of the spring without any news of him
Again at sunset, the evening blossoms are closed up.

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