Du Fu: Send As a Gift to Li Bai

Send As a Gift to Li Bai

赠 李 白
秋 来 相 顾 尚 飘 蓬
未 就 丹 砂 愧 葛 洪。                                                                                          痛 饮 狂 歌 空 度 日
飞 扬 跋 扈 为 谁 雄。
Zeng Li Bai

Qiu lai xiang gu shang piao feng
Wei jiu dan sha kui ge hong.                                                                                              Tong yin kuang ge kong du ri
Fei yang ba hu wei shei xiong.


Send As a Gift to Li Bai

Autumn arrives, thinking of each other still in more remote places
Not yet in possession of red cinnabar, so Gehong can make his immortality pills.                                                                                                                                              For our aches and pains we drink heavily, sing songs and eke out a living
Your act of arrogance and domineering does not phase the powerful.



Gehong: A man living in seclusion in the mountains making special herbs and medicines.

Li Bai: Famous Tang Dynasty poet. See more of his work and biography on this website.

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