Du Mu: Climb Up Chizhou’s Nine Peaks Tower, Send This to Zhang Hu

Climb Up Chizhou’s Nine Peaks Tower, Send This to Zhang Hu

登 池 州 九 峰 楼 寄 张 祜
百 感 中 来 不 自 由
角 声 孤 起 夕 阳 楼。
碧 山 终 日 思 无 尽
芳 草 何 年 恨 即 休。
睫 在 眼 前 长 不 见
道 非 身 外 更 何 求。
谁 人 得 似 张 公 子
千 首 诗 轻 万 户 侯。
Deng Chi Zhou Jiu Feng Lou Ji Zhang Hu

Bai gan zhong lai bu zi you
Jiao sheng gu qi xi yang lou.
Bi shan zhong ri si wu jin
Fang cao he nian hen ji xiu.

Jie zai yan qian chang bu jian.
Dao fei shen wai geng he qiu.
Shei ren dei si zhang gong zi
Qian shou shi qing wan hu hou.


Climb Up Chizou’s Nine Peaks Tower, Send This to Zhang Hu

One hundred sympathies for your efforts
This tower set in a far flung area where military horns sound.
At the end of the day, you remain in the bluish-green mountains thinking too much
Which year can you end your stay among the fragrant grasses.

Their eyes cannot see far away because of their long eyebrows
The Dao inside your body is not subject to seeking and changes.
What people can be like you and Zhang’s son
Your one thousand poems easily better than those of Zhang’s son.



Chizhou: City located in southern Anhui Province.

Zhang’s son: Zhang was a famous high official of the Han Dynasty whose son was well endowed with many gifts, including the art of writing poetry.



“The Dao inside your body” could be referring to the Dao body, perhaps similar to the Dharmakaya Body of Buddhism.

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